Talking with Maxx about Math

A con­ver­sa­tion with Maxx about math

Saul: Maxx don’t both­er me I’m bak­ing

Maxx: You just made a mis­take, you might want to recheck your mea­sure­ments

Saul: Maxx you’re a cat what do you do know about mea­sure­ments?

Maxx: mea­sure­ments are math kin­da right? So, cats are nat­u­ral­ly gift­ed at math, how do you not know that?

Saul: I had no idea, explain fur­ther

Maxx: You’ve heard of AP Math right?

Saul: Of course

Maxx: AP orig­i­nal­ly meant Always Purring

Saul: You’re mak­ing that up

Maxx: No, total­ly true — every cat is good at math, which caus­es smug­ness, which results in purring

Saul: I’m learn­ing so much

Maxx: Great, but you still put too much flour in that dough, and not enough sug­ar

Saul: Are you sure I dou­ble checked all my math

Maxx: which one of us is purring?

Saul: Point tak­en, do you think I should start over

Maxx: You’ll prob­a­bly be okay, worst case sce­nario is you eat those and if any­one ques­tions why you’re shov­el­ing a half dozen cin­na­mon buns in your mouth tell them you’re drunk, nobod­ies going to ques­tion that

Saul: You are a smart cat

Maxx: I can also jump from the cat tree to the pool table which is a 7 foot jump — ya know why?
Saul: Why? because cats are going jumpers?

Maxx: No because I did the math, and unlike you I did it right

Saul: Now you’re just being mean

Maxx: Remem­ber yes­ter­day when I des­per­ate­ly want­ed treats and I got no treats?

Saul: Yes

Maxx: exact­ly