ISO Buffalo Wings

I’m a buf­fa­lo wing lover — I spent a sub­stan­tial amount of time seek­ing out the tasti­est buf­fa­lo wings in my lit­tle ham­let of Philadel­phia — gen­er­al­ly the wings I found sucked, but I also found some awe­some wings, and like a good wing­man —  I’m going to hook you up.

IMHO buffalo wings need four things to be considered great:

Meat: I hate scrawny wings, a decent chick­en wing needs more than a bite of meat on it, and the first bite shouldn’t hit bone, we’re look­ing for healthy sub­stan­tial spec­i­mens

Thick hearty sauce: I’m a sauce snob, it should be thick enough that it sticks to the wings, tangy enough to make your lips tin­gle, but not ‘big heat’, I’m gen­er­al­ly not after ‘big heat’ with my wings

Meat / Sauce Ratio: This may seem odd to some, but I hate when the wings are swim­ming in sauce, I want just enough sauce to coat the wings, and not coat my hands, maybe if the sauce is real­ly good a small con­tain­er for addi­tion­al dip­page

Quan­ti­ty: It’s hard to eat one wing, it’s even hard­er to eat just five, I’m gen­er­al­ly irri­tat­ed when an order of wings is less than a dozen
Exceptional wings have one more thing:

Accou­trements: 9 out of 10 buf­fa­lo wings orders comes gar­nished with cel­ery and blue cheese dress­ing, which is total­ly fine — but I real­ly appre­ci­ate when my wings are gar­nished with a bit of cre­ativ­i­ty.

The Best Buffalo Wings in Philadelphia:

Eulo­gy Bel­gian Tav­ern: Great wings, a bit hot­ter than I gen­er­al­ly pre­fer wings, but awe­some over­all. CLOSED

Moriarty’s Restau­rant & Irish Pub: A def­i­nite con­tender — right amount of heat, thick sub­stan­tial sauce that per­fect­ly coats good qual­i­ty wings.

The Rib Ranch: Not the best wings, but the sauce is tremen­dous, they get on this list for the sauce alone. CLOSED

Nation­al Mechan­ics: High-qual­i­ty wings and even high­er qual­i­ty sauce, what's not to love — I licked my fin­gers all the way home, this unas­sum­ing bar on 3rd street is a hid­den gem in a jun­gle of high-end restau­rants that is Olde City .

Buga­boo Creek Steak House: Yes it’s a nation­al chain, and the sauce is just good (not great) — but the wings them­selves are huge, and well pre­pared — in a pinch, these hit the spot.

The Epi­cure­an: tech­ni­cal­ly the Epi­cure­ans wings are Jamaican Jerk Wings, but they’re big, meaty spec­i­mens of jerky deli­cious­ness. CLOSED

Taranova’s Pizze­ria: The own­ers of this Ben­salem based piz­za shop are all lovers of heat, their menu has a host of excel­lent selec­tions above and beyond the usu­al pizze­ria fare — their wing sauce is thick, tangy and deli­cious­ly mem­o­rable

I’m not done yet

Oh I for­got to men­tion, I won’t be fea­tur­ing any place with the word ‘Wing’ in their name, I fig­ure they get enough press in the Yel­low Pages.

So that’s the first part of my list, I’m sure I missed YOUR favorite place, but don’t stress, I’m not done yet… but tell me, where is your favorite Wing joint?